Is an SEO Blog the best Blog to Make money online?

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When you think of what you have to accomplish to start generating massive income online, the list can be pretty scary. There are many different avenues you can travel to make money online, and all require some amount of work. Blogging is rising very fast in terms of the popularity SEO Blog UK surrounding it and for good reasons. There are many types of blogs out there from business to political blogs and everything in between. So what is the best blog to make money? I have been involved in ecommerce (Internet Marketing) for over a decade and recently realized the true significance about a SEO Blog. A SEO Blog may seem similar to a regular blog but the set up is dissimilar and is crucial to letting you set up the best blog to make money online.

What is a SEO Blog is a debated topic. Through my research and studies, I found a SEO Blog to simply be a blog that is setup and intended for boosting your exposure. The term SEO Blog is a shortened way of saying a blog is setup with search engine optimization as the main goal, which is why such a blog is the best blog to make money online. The first thing we need set up is a domain. This is another highly debated theory jointly group say a catchy name is important while another group of people say it is all about the keywords. When i did a Google search, many of the top results, not all but many, had the keyword as part of their domain which leads me to believe keyword based website names are important. Another important element when joining your domain is to try and have the file format as a. com, however numerous sites get away with. org and. net. The file format is important, however not as much as the keyword based domain.

Once the domain is setup and visible, you can and may install WordPress. Be aware of which WordPress you use, one is self visible while the other is visible for free. The self visible WordPress will help you develop your SEO Blog to be the best blog you can create! WordPress is a very popular blogging platform and many believe help their SEO Blog turn into a niche site that ranks. I find the best blogging platform you can use is indeed WordPress, but for many reasons aside from its popularity. There are thousands of free themes that allow you to design your site and many of the themes are customizable.

Another benefit of using WordPress as a means of developing your SEO Blog is the vast amount of extensions you have at your disposal. WordPress is not the only blogging platform with extensions, nevertheless they offer you the biggest selection. Make the most of certain extensions to do certain things. I have a plugin to ensure I have blog H1 and H2 tag on my blog, which if i were to setup myself would probably prove greater than my abilities. Other extensions Make the most of allow my Rss feed to be shown and I have one that allows visitors to” like” my site on Facebook or share it on other social networking sites.

Another characteristic of a successful SEO Blog is the ability to create separate pages and play with your permalink structure. Permalinks are a critical part of how your SEO Blog gets indexed. Google Webmaster tools declare that is far easier for Google to” know” what your page or site is about with a static permalink. Pages are other areas where you can ideally create SEO Blog content geared to numerous words. This is where I create multiple pages and link them to my main blog page. That little method right there has helped me dramatically with my ranking.

In closing is a SEO Blog the best blog to make money? I believe it is as i have had a great deal of success getting my SEO Blog ranked for numerous keywords. The easier installation coupled with the information should actually choose to create your own SEO Blog an easy choice.

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