Are you ready For the New Windows 11?

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Windows 11 is the new upcoming version of the Microsoft Windows operating systems. People are looking forward to having this version of Windows because Windows Windows new windows 11 vista didn’t live up to its name, it was push chair and had some problems. Best Microsoft Windows to this day is Windows xp. Windows 11 was codenamed Blackcomb and Vienna when it was in preparation.

Unlike Windows Windows vista that has a great layout and visual quality, Windows 11 may well be more compatible, it will support all previous software that worked on past versions of Windows and it will be an a lot faster and better computer itself.

Windows 11 provides some major updates to some Windows features. For example advances in handwriting recognition, better performance with multi-core processors, kernel advancements, support for virtual hard disks, better sneaker performance, etc. Many new features will be added to the control panel, so you will be able to customize your computer itself even more then you could before. The taskbar will be changed to, the quick launch symbol has been removed and replaced with pinning programs and applications to the taskbar. The new task bar is easier and more practical, but maybe you will need some time to get used to it. The new layout has some practical features and it can make some of your Windows transparent just by dragging your mouse over the symbol, which can be really helpful in some situations.

Microsof company has published information on minimum system requirements needed to use Windows 11. Microsof company has released a software that works as an student advisor, it scans your personal machine to see if it is compatible for Windows 11.

For 32 bit system minimum system requirements for Windows 11 are following: 1 GB of RAM, Processor should be minimum 1 GHz, graphic card should support direct x 9 and it should have at least 128 MB of graphics memory, it requires 16 GB of hard drive space. For 64 bit things vary: At least 2 GB of RAM, processor 1 GHz, Graphic card that supports direct x 9 with 128 MB of graphics memory and at least 20 GB of free hard drive space is required for installation.

Some features that Windows Windows vista had are removed in order to maximize the performance. Your personal machine should work really fine when using Windows 11 because the main goal when coming up with Windows 11 was to fix the previous problems and make it stable and reliable. Layout for Windows 11 looks great and it looks like they have really paid attention to making it functional and easy to rather than putting make up on something that doesn’t work but looks nice. This is the idea most people had that used Windows vista.

Your personal machine will certainly work great when using Windows 11 if it has the minimum system requirements, but it is always safer to have computer that does not only mach minimum operating requirements but is even better configured. Windows 11 will run effortlessly even on computers that are outdated, it is only needed to have requirements earlier mentioned in the text. It looks like Microsof company is finally making something as good as Windows xp, maybe even better.

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