Transformers Movie 2 Leader Optimus Prime Review

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The Transformers Movie 2 Leader Optimus Prime is one of the coolest robot-to-toy Transformers figures ever It moves, looks, and talks exactly like the CGI version which is great for both casual fans and hardcore enthusiasts alike.

Looks-wise this toy is unbeatable. When you look at it from afar or if you see a picture of it, you will be in doubt as to how such a detailed replica can possibly exist, especially for a toy. But, holding it in your hands will make you believe. And it looks great in robot mode and in truck mode. Now who can beat that?

Since we are now in modern times, a new innovation was made in the creation of this toy. You can actually see the gears move when you transform the robot from one form to another, and it makes that cool sound that almost won an Academy Award during one of the recent Oscar nights.

Electronic speech voiceovers are also done by the original actor himself. What’s more, the robot’s eyes light up, and it has multiple detachable weaponry such as energy swords. There is no doubt that a lot of hard work has been put into making this toy as close to perfect as possible. Imagine playing with your photorealistic Optimus Prime figurine, while imagining the movie version of the robot in action.

But wait, you don’t have to imagine it anymore because what you have in your hands is so close to the real thing. That’s what’s so great about this toy. If you want the coolest and most realistic Optimus Prime figure to play with or to display on your collector’s shelf, then you must buy yourself the Transformers Movie 2 Leader Optimus Prime.

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