Important Dos and Don’ts of Domain Registration

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The old adage “what’s in a name” seems to fall flat when it comes to domain registration. The domain name that you select for your website has to be an extremely important consideration. Whether you are planning a personal blog or a website for your business needs, selection of a domain name can be the differentiator between your online existence and the scores of many websites that can be found on the Internet.

Here are some important dos and don’ts of domain registration that you must keep in mind before finalizing a domain name for your business or personal needs:
Dos of Domain Registration

The ‘KISS’ Rule – Your domain URL must follow the KISS rule i.e. keep it short and simple. It should be a simple yet unique name that is easy to remember. Avoid complex spellings and names that distort actual dictionary spellings for these can be difficult to remember.

Domain Types – Ever noted the many extensions that follow your chosen domain names, i.e. the ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.org’, ‘.biz’, etc? You must select one that best represents your website needs. You also have the option of selection from country code top level domain names often referred to as ccTLD, examples include: ‘.au’, ‘.uk’, ‘.us’, ‘.fr’, ‘.ca’, ‘.de’, ‘za’ etc. The dot com names are often considered the most popular and therefore very popular in demand.

Domain Name Renewals – Oftentimes, domain name owners forget to renew their URLs and end up losing the ownership of the same. Domain name renewal is an important exercise, be wary of the expiry date and renew on time to avoid losing your domain name to someone else.

Don’ts of Domain Registration Australia

Verify the Domain Antecedents – Digging deep into the history of a domain name is often a neglected exercise. Before booking a domain for personal or commercial use it is always a good idea to know about its previous ownership and use by running it through free services.

Remove Complexity from Domain Names – For ease of remembrance avoid going for a domain name that includes numerals or hyphens even if they are easily available. It is also a good idea to keep the domain name general and more in line with the business and not a specific product or service. This will allow you to expand from a business standpoint without altering the URL name and losing earned web traffic.

A domain name should ideally be easy to remember, catchy, and appeal across geographies for the simple fact that a website holds the potential to expand your online business worldwide through the medium of Internet. Get armed with these simple dos and don’ts of domain registration and start your domain name search today.

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