The Ego Right Mind Says I’m Better Than You

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Correction of the mind is forgiveness in A Course in Miracles (ACIM) which solution means to choose Love (Atonement) and deny the ego judgment miscreations. We’ve simply been doing the opposite. Of the miscreations, what is not commonly understood is that the ego has both a wrong and right mind; and all ego judgments must be relinquished for correction (forgiveness). The ego right mind is the portion that believes it is God and judgment is necessary. Having assigned God judgmental attributes like its own thought system, the ego has no problem coming up with a version of forgiveness that destroys.

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Relinquishment, in ACIM, means nothing more than to voluntarily give something up because it has no value to you. The ego right mind has convinced you that certain judgments are necessary to live in this world; and, it uses some very subtle tricks to justify its attacks and make them seem valuable. Remember that attacks, from the ego’s viewpoint, are to defend its position and keep judgment going as separation must be reinforced at all cost.

In this article we are going examine an aspect of the ego right mind of forgiveness to destroy known as “better than you.” While most are familiar with the ego a course in miracles mp3 mind, understanding the ego right mind so you can choose to give up its judgments is vitally important to returning the mind to peace. There is no compromise in ACIM when it comes to judgment. All of it must be relinquished for correction of the mind (forgiveness) and Love chosen instead.

What is Forgiveness to Destroy:

One of the main characteristics of forgiveness to destroy is that it sees absolutely every error of any kind. Only the ego sees error and has a need to correct error. God says error never occurred and you are guiltless and innocent.

Forgiveness to destroy would be ego judging error under the guise of “necessary” or “nice” or even “kind” as the aspect of ego’s forgiveness. In other words, the ego says there is “necessary forgiveness” and “nice forgiveness” being done as a kindness because it is nice and necessary.

In the metaphysics of ACIM from the perceived separation (need and lack), all of this stems from the ego having assigned its own judgmental attributes to God and thus judging itself to be God. Perceiving and projecting as such, ego “needs” to correct errors (lack) for salvation before the punishment of death. The key words are “need” and “lack” as all aspects of forgiveness to destroy contain those elements for fulfillment of the necessary, nice and kind forgiveness that destroys.

Judgmental forgiveness also “destroys” by using attack to defend and protect the ego’s thought system. If you and a brother are innocent, there would be no errors to correct. Seeing error perceives with the ego mind as cause and leads to defending those perceived errors as your own individual (separation) truth because ego has to be right. You attack a brother to defend and protect your truth errors. This hides the One Truth (Love) in further fragments in the mind.

Since ideas don’t leave their Source, which is you, seeing (judging) any type of error in others is seeing that error in yourself and judging your own perceptive error as being real. Projecting it so you attack to defend uses ego thinking that this truth is better than another which is the Law of Chaos #1.

It can all be stopped by seeing everyone, including yourself, as guiltless and innocent. Your brother is the same as you and as you see their innocence, you see yours (and visa versa). There is no other way. We are all One.

Forgiveness to Destroy: I’m Better Than You

In ACIM, this first aspect is considered the most blatantly arrogant because of the massive separation from this way of thinking. Very subtly, it uses the Laws of Chaos to divide and separate. It’s all about one person correcting need and lack (error) in another while being disguised as fake kindness (necessary and nice).

Here’s the criteria: The ego thinks it is better than another. Not only that, it has something better, can do better, knows more and makes you better equipped to help than anyone else. Seeing someone in need, which is lack, you help from this way of thinking while believing you are being kind by fulfilling their need. While not the same type of necessary kindness as the martyr, it is nice kindness because you are the better person.

Separation is reinforced when we see error in a brother and ourselves. Fulfilling those errors because we are kind is “correction” forgiveness to destroy of the judgmental ego. Having seen error, judged it in need of correction for salvation, ego forgives the error by helping because it is better than another. That is better than you forgiveness to destroy. Ego reinforces different truths, values, needs, etc., and all of this is separation instead of Sameness (Oneness).

The further problem is that since the ego is involved, one day the person on the giving or helping end (better) is going to resent you if you don’t appreciate what they are doing in the way their ego thinks you should. In the reverse, the person on the receiving end is going to resent the giving or helping person (better) for all the restrictions going with the “kindnesses” which are not being given so freely. We can clock on an egg timer how fast this goes from a special love to a special hate relationship.

Discernment in how your thinking feels is the key to undoing this trick of the ego. While we all want to help each other, and deem it a kindness to do so, if we are seeing lack and need as our reason for help, you are seeing error and it qualifies as better than you thinking. Contrast that to seeing a brother as guiltless and innocent and reflecting that innocence by not seeing any error. Only then is correction of the mind (forgiveness) seen as a choice for both of you and help becomes returning the mind to Oneness since there is no division or separation.

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