Install a Roll on Bed Liner

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A roll on bed liner is fast to install. You can really save a lot of money if you install a bed liner yourself. Don’t forget though, this is a painting project. That means there are several steps you must get right. Get it right and the liner project will last for a long time. Here’s the step by step approach…

  1. Tools And Materials.

Gather the tools and materials first. You’ll need the bed liner paint. You need sandpaper or abrasives to rough up the surface. You need masking tape. Don’t forget the automotive cleaner or acetone. Luckily, you can get a kit that contains most of what you need so you don’t have to get supplies from several places. spray on bedliner supplies are a little odd.

  1. Cleaning Supplies.

Key to a coating that stays on is proper cleaning of the surfaces to be coated. Here’s the deal. Paint doesn’t stick well to grease or wax. That’s why cleaning is so important. Before you sand, you must clean. Sanding a greasy or waxy surface doesn’t remove the grease or wax. It just drives it into the paint… A regular automotive cleaner will do. Acetone is the cleaner that works…

  1. Abrasives too.

No need for any fine sandpaper here. What you are after is a surface that’s heavily scratched, so you want some really rough paper or abrasive material. That clean, rough surface is perfect for getting a good stick… Then, it gets easier from here.

  1. Mask It.

Liner paint is made to stick. Get it where it doesn’t belong and you have serious problems. That’s why time spent applying masking tape is time well spent… Keep the paint just where you want it. Then the fun begins.

  1. Coat it…

With a roller, you can put on a bed lining that actually looks like it was sprayed on. This lining paint is thick and has a lot of texture. That means it goes on easy and covers like no paint you’ve ever used. The actual application of the paint could not be easier. Likely you will want to apply a second coat. In any case, get at least an extra quart, 5 quarts total. Less than that just isn’t enough for a full size pickup.

A roll on bed liner can really improve the looks of an older truck. It’s a cheap way to improve the looks of a truck and provide some bed protection at the same time. It’s an easy process. The key is the right surface prep. Get that done right and the worst is over…

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