3 Easy Ways to Stop Hair Loss and Promote Hair Regrowth Quickly!

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Troubled by hair loss problems? Finding the best hair FoliCall treatments is no easy task, especially when there are so many solutions out there that claim to be the best. In this article, I will share more about the causes of alopecia (baldness) and what you need to do to have a head full of hair volume again.


Hormonal changes such as menopause and testosterone has been cited as the leading cause for hair loss. One of the things associated with hormone changes is the proliferation of DHT (or dihydrotestostrone) in your body. When there are excess DHT in your bloodstream, the hair follicles receptors are damaged as these DHT bound itself to the follicles. When that happens, your hair will not re-grow as it should be.

Hair Regrowth Tips

Here are 3 simple ways on how you can stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth.

  1. Scalp Massage

By massaging your scalp on a daily basis, you are helping to increase the amount of blood circulation for healthier hair follicles growth. Just spend 5 to 10 minutes of your time each day to rub or knead your scalp. By doing this regularly, you will find your hair growing thicker and bulkier after some time.

  1. Biotin

Biotin is actually a vitamin B-soluble nutrient that has been found to create hair increase. Researchers have found that people who are lacking in this nutrient are more likely to suffer from baldness or hair thinning. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure your body receives sufficient amount of this nutrient every day.

  1. Minoxidil

This is a FDA approved drug that can help you to stop hair loss and re-grow lost hair. Many people have found this substance to be able stimulate new hair growth successfully.

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