Professional Cleaning Businesses – Hire a Clean Team!

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The selection of a dependable, honest and quality cleaning team is of vital importance to all or any Professional Cleaning businesses. Cleaners work in client homes, offices and Post Construction Cleaning often in schools, hostipal wards and nursing homes. Professional Cleaning businesses simply cannot put these clients vulnerable by hiring the wrong cleaners. So, how can we ensure that our cleaning team are clean?

The hiring process
When hiring cleaning staff, it is important to ensure that a well planned interview comes together. Some areas which will be tested during this interview include:

Appearance – we need to have physically clean cleaners! A clean, neat and tidy appearance will impress clients
People skills – cleaners need to be able to communicate well with clients and be friendly and sympathetic to the needs of clients
Cleaning Experience – some people assume that everyone can clean – FALSE! Look for cleaners with experience in cleaning homes or offices and that will deliver awareness of detail in all that they do
Finally, before you that used to be hire the cleaner, make sure they are checked for any past convictions. Cleaners will be working among children and vulnerable adults, so this part is absolutely essential. This can be carried out through organisations like Access NI who will help you make more informed recruitment decisions by providing a history of criminal activity for potential staff.

The importance of training cleaners

It cannot be assumed that everyone can clean! Cleaning in a professional capacity is much unique of just doing your own housework. Professional Cleaning businesses should supply following training pointers to their cleaning teams:

Do not use property of the client e. h. television, photocopier etc.
Do not make personal calls using client phones used to merely
Never bring friends or family to the place of work
Respect client property and its value
Be careful to use the correct cleaning products on the correct surfaces
Never read any client documents or letters
Supply cleaners with the appropriate Safe practices training
Get the correct balance between friendliness and chatting and actually getting the work done in time
Always arrive on time
Anticipate to take constructive criticism from the client
Provide full training on safe lifting of boxes
Provide staff with all appropriate safety equipment
If unsure of what the client wants, ask them for a list of things they would like completed
Finally, while your cleaning team is trying to meet all your expectations, make sure that you treat them well too!

Choosing a Professional Cleaning company

If you are choosing a Professional Cleaning business to help you at your business or at home, then make sure that the company uses formal staff vetting procedures! This is not an option – it is essential!

Causeway Cleaning Services is a Professional Cleaning business operating out of Upper Ireland. They provide a range of home and office cleaning solutions for all sizes of homes or businesses. All cleaners are fully vetted and trained to offer quality cleaning in a range of situations including homes, shops, offices, restaurants, schools, hotels, and showrooms. Cleaning teams are all vetted using Access NI. Causeway Cleaning Services give Safe practices and Security the highest priority when working with all clients. All cleaning services are overseen by manager Sebastian McCluskey and his team of supervisors that will make every effort to ensure you get the best service.

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