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If you’re a video poker fan with a yen for the Jacks or Better games you know that hitting four of a kind is the next best thing to a Straight Flush and Royal Flush, but neither happens very often. It’s especially frustrating when you’re dealt three of a kind on the initial deal and there are 47 remaining cards with only 2 chances of drawing that 1 matching fourth card.

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Enter Quick Quads (Q Q) video poker. This game gives you the opportunity to earn a 4 of a kind payout when your hand contains only 3 of a kind. Here is how it works:

After selecting your game of choice on a machine designated for Quick Quads, you must first play six credits per game instead of the usual five to be eligible for the Q Q bonus feature. Currently the video poker games offered are Jacks or Better, JOB Bonus, Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus, and Triple Bonus in single play, 3 play, 5 and 10 play. There are two ways to receive a Q Q bonus payout:

Initial deal – If you are dealt three of a kind from rank 2 through 10 and the remaining two cards add up to that particular rank, you will be paid the four of a kind payout for that rank. Example: you are dealt 8,8,8,5,3. In that 5 + 3 = 8, you will be paid for quad eights.

After draw – If you’re dealt 3 of a kind and you discard two non-matching cards and your draw cards add up to that rank. Example: 4,4,4, K, J. Discard the K, J. If a 3, A or 2,2 are drawn, you have quad fours. (Aces count as one).

Suppose you’re dealt a full house such as a 7, 7, 7, K and K. Then it becomes time to make a decision. Do you hold the full house and collect 45 credits, or discard the kings hoping for one of four possible combinations drawing a large quad win of 260 credits: a 7, or 6 & A; a 5 & 2, or 4 & 3. If not, you’ll be paid 15 credits for the three of a kind. Some Quick Quads games pay more for certain quad combinations than regular bonus games. Here is one example of the Double Double Bonus (DDB) payouts on a 6 coin max bet Quick Quads game.

Royal Flush – 4000

Straight Flush – 250

4 Aces with 2-4 – 2000

Four Aces – 1000

Four 2-4 with A,2,3,4 – 1000

Four 2-4 – 400

Four 5 through K – 260

Full House – 45

Flush – 30

Straight – 20

Three of a Kind – 15

Two Pair – 5

Jacks or Better – 5

Payouts will vary on winning hands between jurisdictions and casinos. Always check the pay tables for the best value. Good Luck!

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