Plastic Truck Bed Liners – 3 Ways Better Than Spray On

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A plastic truck bed liner may be the best choice to protect your truck bed. Spray on truck bed liners are the first choice of many pickup truck owners as a protection for the bed paint of their trucks. And bed paint protection is a good idea since almost any hauling you do with your truck can result in scratched paint. Scratched paint often spray on bedliner to rust and corrosion.

How can a plastic bed liner beat a premium spray on liner? Here are three ways.

  1. Cheaper

A professional spray on liner is expensive. You’re looking at many hundreds of dollars, sometimes closing in on a thousand with options. That’s a lot to coat a truck bed. A drop in liner can be hundreds less or at least quite a bit less. The more expensive the liner the more difficult it is for some people to really use the truck for hauling. With a very expensive liner, you feel like you need a liner for the liner! Who wants to gouge and scratch a high dollar liner. So saving money is a prime reason to favor a drop in liner.

  1. Tougher

A plastic liner is about as tough a surface as you can find. A good liner is all but indestructible plus it’s thick, cushioning and virtually dent proof. So the liner protects your bed while standing up to the toughest abuse itself. No problem either with weather damage. The best spray liners are tough too but certainly no tougher than a plastic liner.

  1. Replaceable

For very rough hauling jobs, concrete blocks for example, any pickup bed is going to take a serious beating and scraping. If you do over time completely beat up a plastic liner, it’s easy to replace. Take it out and slip in another. Not so with a spray in liner. It’s permanent. It can be repaired, but not replaced. Make sure about the warranty for a permanent liner or you could be stuck with a permanently damaged, permanent liner.

A plastic bed liner is relatively inexpensive, tough and easy to replace. These liners are especially good for really rough cargoes and heavy duty hauling.

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