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In this article you’ll learn what advantages you may have when playing online poker with a software called Daftar AktifQQ Holdem Indicator and how it can help become you to become the winner, building your bankroll in a snap.

Holdem Indicator is one of the latest pokercalculators to have hit the market, it’s not very well known among novice players and most still use Holdem Genius and Texas Calculatem or one of the other pokercalculators available. I think that Holdem Indicator is in many ways superior to the competing calculators. First of all, a short introduction to what it offers.

Holdem Indicator smoothly connects to almost any pokerroom (if you follow the link below you’ll see which rooms are supported), and it register your pokerhand automatically even if the pokertable is minimized. This gives you the first advantage, you can let Holdem Indicator register the play at any table and after it has been connected for 50 hands, it will categorize the players at the table into different groups like solid, fish,shark and so on. You will also have a lot of information on every player at the table, how often does he/she raise preflop, how often does he/she win at showdown and much more.

The facts above is of course vital to your game and how you should play it and how to change your playing style with the same cards but different opponents. If you face a solid player and have JJ as holecards and he/she raise’s or re-raise’s preflop you might just want to call so you don’t become an underdog. That’s one important thing in every poker game. Change your style with different players. If a rock-solid player attacks your marginal hand it is not the time to semi-bluff, it’s time to fold as he/she certainly holds the nuts.

Holdem Indicator also shows your Expected Value (EV) and of course it should be positive every time you decide to play a hand. You may win a lot of hands with a negative expected value but over time you’ll lose and lose big. Patience is a poker players best friend. If you are playing one table and feel impatient, start another table at the same time or surf or whatever, just don’t play hands that should be folded, folding on the turn every time will cost you a small fortune.

Holdem Indicator also features a great mini-view and this is a feature I miss in with the other pokercalculators. The mini-view fits on the topbar of the pokertable-window, allowing you to play upp to six games at once without the windows overlapping, giving you full control of every table. If you play for bonuses playing as many table at once as possible is recommended and also that you play fixed limit.

I conclusion: Holdem Indicator features instant pokerodds, EV, Sklansky groups and how likely you are to draw out or to be drawn out. It categorizes your opponents into groups according to their playing style. This will help you beat the shark, exploit the maniac and beat the fish.

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