Best MONERO miner compiled with zero dev fee

Hello. I’ve been in crypto mining industry since the very beginning, mining Bitcoin with CPU and later GPU miner.

Later, when ASIC’s came in, CPU/GPU mining of Bitcoin become worthless. I bought some from Butterfly labs miners but till they arrived (they’ve mined themself till it wasn’t profitable and then ship them to waiting customers).

Till my Butterfly labs miner came, I started to mine Litecoin (Scrypt algo) with my GPU rigs. Ever since, I’m into altcoin mining with GPU’s and CPU’s.

It’s been challenging but quite profitable. Nowadays, only longterm profitable mining is of Monero (XMR) and Ethereum (ETH).

By far best XMR miner is Stak-XMR. With new CUDA libraries update, it brings like 10% extra hashrate on newer GPU’s 10xx and Radeon 7/XT.

Stak-XMR developer takes 2% fee from your hashrate. Doesn’t seem much but when you consider you pay 1-2% to a mining pool and couple % to crypto exchange, and you have to buy hardware and pay electricity bills, it adds up.

So I’m presenting the most profitable CPU/GPU miner out there, recompiled EXE with developer fee totally removed.

This miner has easy auto setup (just select monero as coin to mine, and pool). It will set the CPU core/thread affinity to use all CPU cache and max out the performance while keeping you all “CPU side threads” to use, so you can browse web or do usual stuff without laggy computer. GPU miner setting is at 90-95% of performance while keeping your GPU’s safe. You may play with settings little bit if you have experience with GPU miners.

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